MSEM students supervised by ISE faculty


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Sangamwar, Saurabh (2019). Grouping calendar variables for electric load forecasting. Advisor: Tao Hong. Committee: Pu Wang and Linquan Bai.

Xu, Zehan (2019). Customer attrition modeling and forecasting. Advisor: Tao Hong. Committee: Linquan Bai and Shaoyu Li.




Alaimo, Richard Arthur (2018). Overlap packing optimization for spacecraft layout design. Advisor: Churlzu Lim. Committee: Simon Hsiang and Tiantian Nie.

Alapati, Mahesh (2018). Drone routing for damage assessment on power distribution systems under HILF events. Advisor: Churlzu Lim. Committee: Badrul Chowdhury and Gabriel Zenarosa.

Muraleedharan, Adarsh (2018). Structural estimations of price - occupancy relationship in urban parking systems. Advisor: Qiao-Chu He. Committee: Tiantian Nie and Gabriel Lopez Zenarosa.

Satyanarayana, Sagar (2018). A data-analytic approach towards increasing donor heart utilization in the United States. Advisor: Gabriel Zenarosa. Committee: Churlzu Lim and Michael Dulin.

Shukla, Shreyashi (2018). Daily load forecasting with hourly temperatures. Advisor: Tao Hong. Committee: Churlzu Lim and Simon Hsiang.




Golla, Bhavish Gokul (2017). Routing line personnel for restoration of disrupted power distribution network. Advisor: Churlzu Lim. Committee: Badrul Chowdhury and Yesim Sireli.

Sobhani, Masoud (2017). A load-based temperature prediction model for anomaly detection. Advisor: Tao Hong. Committee: Gang Chen and Pu Wang.




Arora, Mohit (2016). Reconfiguration of distribution network with distributed energy resources for enhancing resilience. Advisor: Churlzu Lim. Committee: Tao Hong, Badrul Chowdhury, and Asis Nasipuri.

Eferdinger, Markus (2016). A multi criteria decision framework for "smart" product introduction in bearing industry that uses Internet of Things. Advisor: Ertunga Ozelkan. Committee: Agnes Galambosi Ozelkan and Michael Ogle.




Chen, Ying Ruan (2015). How does relative humidity affect electricity demand? Advisor: Tao Hong. Committee: Badrul Chowdhury and Yesim Sireli.

Ficatier, Johanna (2015). Improving glaucoma compliance using a Lean Six Sigma DMAIC approach. Advisor: Ertunga Ozelkan. Committee: Charles N. Davis and Gary Teng.

Kottayil, Arun (2015). Design of Lean Six Sigma simulation games for online learning. Advisor: Ertunga Ozelkan. Committee: Tiffany Barnes and Agnes Galambosi Ozelkan.

Krishnakumar, Sandeep (2015). Multi-criteria analysis for the development of online simulation games in Lean Six Sigma. Advisor: Ertunga Ozelkan. Committee: Tiffany Barnes and Agnes Galambosi Ozelkan.

Liu, Jiali (2015). Combining sister load forecasts. Advisor: Tao Hong. Committee: Badrul Chowdhury and Churlzu Lim.

Stephens, Jesse Aaron (2015). A life cycle analysis approach for making sustainable fiber optic purchasing decisions in the telecommunication industry. Advisor: Ertunga Ozelkan. Committee: Cem Saydam and Agnes Galambosi Ozelkan.

Xie, Jingrui (2015). Retail energy forecasting. Advisor: Tao Hong. Committee: Badrul Chowdhury and Arnulfo de Castro.