INES Doctoral Students Supervised by ISYE Faculty

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Adnan, Ziaul Haq (2017). Bullwhip effect in pricing in varying supply chain structures and contracts using a game theoretical framework. Advisor: Ertunga Ozelkan. Committee: Churlzu Lim, Dmitry Shapiro, Xiuli He, and Cem Saydam.

Okioga, Irene (2017). Decision analysis and policy formulation for technology-specific renewable energy targets. Advisor: Yesim Sireli. Committee: Jy Wu, John Diemer, Patricia Malinowski, and Mariya Munir.


Liu, Bidong (2016). Short term load forecasting with recency effect: models and applications. Advisor: Tao Hong. Committee: Arnie de Castro, Wei Fan, Yesim Sireli, and Jy Wu.

Xie, Jingrui (2016). Probabilistic electric load forecasting. Advisor: Tao Hong. Committee: Badrul Chowdhury, Churlzu Lim, Pu Wang, and Jy Wu.


Futrell, Benjamin Joseph (2015). Optimization of building envelope design for daylighting and thermal performance. Advisor: Ertunga Ozelkan. Committee: Dale Brentrup, Robert Cox, David C. Weggel, and Eric Delmelle.


Demirel, Edil (2014). Flexible planning methods and procedures with flexibility requirements profile. Advisors: Ertunga Ozelkan and Churlzu Lim. Committee: Gary Teng, Cem Saydam, and Eric Delmelle.