Frequently Asked Questions – Engineering Management

Are the pre-requisites offered online?

Yes, but not every pre-requisite is offered online every semester. UNC Charlotte course offerings typically follow this schedule:

MATH 1121, Calculus, is offered online in the summer term at DE tuition and fees

MATH 1120, Calculus, is offered online in the spring term at main campus tuition and fees

ETGR 3222, Engineering Economics, offered online in spring term of odd years at main campus tuition and fees

STAT 1220, Elements of Statistics I, is offered online in the fall term at main campus tuition and fees

The course schedule at UNC Charlotte is subject to change. Also note that some online courses charge on-campus tuition and fees and some online courses change distance education (DE) tuition and fees. The DE courses are designated with an 8 in the middle digit of the section number and are listed with a Distance Education campus in Banner. It is the responsibility of the student to be sure that you meet the pre-requisites for any of the courses you plan to take. The pre-requisites are listed in the course information in the schedule.

Are there teaching or research assistantships available?

On campus students who work on a thesis option are eligible for consideration of Teaching Assistantships (TA) after one semester of study with a 3.8 GPA or above. Students should reach out to the faculty for Research Assistantship (RA) opportunities. Please note that faculty may not respond to the funding requests.

Can courses from another graduate program be transferred?

The MSEM program may consider transfer of up to six (6) credits hours from another graduate program if the courses are in alignment with the MSEM curriculum and if the courses are not more than six (6) years old at the time of graduation from the MSEM program. A petition needs to be filed and approved by the program director for any transfers.

Can the program waive my tuition?

Tuition awards are merit-based. The program director will make recommendations to graduate school upon the requests from those who have assistantships (RA or TA) and strong academic credentials. The recommendation from the program does not guarantee the tuition award from the graduate school.

I want to take the prerequisites at UNC Charlotte before applying to the MSEM program. How do enroll?

Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree will apply using the post-baccalaureate/non-degree application. Post-baccalaureate students will be assessed tuition fees at the graduate level, regardless of the level of courses for which they are enrolled.

If my GPA is lower than a 3.0 should I apply?

Since applicants are evaluated on the entire application package, it is possible that students with significant relevant work experience or other strengths will still be admitted to the program even though the GPA is slightly below the stated minimum.

Is the program accredited?

Yes. – Learn more.

Is this a management degree?

MSEM is an engineering and management degree that covers the management of systems, processes, technology, procedures, organizations, and business.

What are the English Language Proficiency requirements for international applicants?

If the applicant’s native language is not English, an overall score of 575 (old system) or 83 (internet-based examination) in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or 6.5 in International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

Please visit the following website and contact Graduate School for further questions.

What are the funding opportunities other than TA or RA?

Please visit the graduate school website for more information about funding opportunities.

What can I do with my degree?

Since Engineering Management education covers general technical, management, and business knowledge, MSEM graduates are able to work for a wide spectrum of industries, companies, and government agencies, regardless of the production and service focus of the company.

What do i do after admission to the program?

Please schedule an advising meeting with the MSEM Program Director. Before advising please prepare a two-page study plan. The first page should talk about your interests and future plans, and the second page should include a list of courses and corresponding semesters. Students can conduct the advising via email or phone.

What if I am missing one or more pre-requites?

Students with an undergraduate degree in engineering, engineering technology, business, or another closely related technical or scientific field, you should apply for admission to the MSEM program. If the department feels that there are deficiencies in your academic or work background, they may recommend you for admission with the additional requirement that you complete one or more prerequisites in your first two semesters of graduate coursework.

Students with an undergraduate degree outside of engineering or business, you should complete the pre-requisites prior to applying. You can take them at UNC Charlotte or at another school as long as they satisfy the requirements. You can find the schedule of UNC Charlotte courses online.

What is the career outlook for this field?

Historically, it has been a challenge for technical professionals to climb the corporate ladder due to a lack of management and business skills. More and more companies understand the value of engineering management and prefer professionals who can communicate in both technical and nontechnical terms.

What is the minimum GRE score required for admission?

The department evaluates applicants based on the application package as a whole. While a higher GRE or GMAT test score strengthens your application, there is not an absolute minimum score. The GRE quantitative score of admitted students is typically above 50 percentile.

What will I be studying if I choose this academic field?

Students will be blending an exciting variety of decision making, operations research, systems, business and management courses.

Which courses satisfy the prerequisites?

The engineering economics prerequisite is satisfied by a course that includes principles such as costing, cost estimating, and cost-benefit analysis which are beyond the scope of micro and macroeconomics. The flowing UNC Charlotte courses satisfy the requirement: SEGR 2106, CEGR 2102, ETGR 3222, MEGR 2180, ECON 3125

The calculus prerequisite is satisfied by a course that includes integral and differential equations. The following UNC Charlotte courses satisfy the requirement: MATH 1120, MATH 1121, ETGR 2171, ETGR 2171, MATH 1241, MATH 1242, MATH 2171

The statistics prerequisite is satisfied by a course that includes data summarization, discrete and continuous random variables (e.g., binomial, normal), sampling, central limit theorem, estimation, testing hypotheses, and linear regression. The following UNC Charlotte courses satisfy the requirement: STAT 1220, STAT 1221, STAT 1222, STAT 2122, STAT 3128

Who should I contact for application status related questions?

You need to contact Graduate School for any questions related to the status of your application.

Visit, or email ( or telephone (704-687-5503).

Why should I consider MSEM degree instead of MBA?

UNC Charlotte has competitive MSEM and MBA programs. You should select the degree that best fits to your needs. Here are a couple of the differences of the MSEM degree, which can be important as you are making a decision.

  • MSEM degree can be seen as an integration of engineering and management, where modeling and analysis as well as management and operational aspects are emphasized.
  • MSEM students are given the flexibility to take MBA and engineering elective courses.
  • MSEM students have the flexibility of online and on-campus courses, which can help them balance a busy work, travel and personal schedule.
  • MSEM requires fewer credit hours than an MBA degree, thus one can finish in a fast track mode (doable in 12 months). Due to fewer total credits and less tuition (per credit hour), MSEM would be less costly.
Why should I consider UNC Charlotte MSEM degree?

The following are the main highlights of the UNC Charlotte’s MSEM degree which can be important when you are making your decision:

  • Flexibility: Time, Location, Learning Style
  • Fast Track: Option to complete in 12 months
    • Evening On-Campus classes
    • Online classes
  • Project-based learning: Industrial & Research Projects
  • Program – Industry Interactions: Seminars, Industry Advisory Board
  • Concentrations: Energy Systems, Lean Six Sigma, Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Accredited: SACS: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Certified: USDLA: United States Distance Learning Association
  • Cost Effective: Competitive tuition for all students especially for North Carolina Residents
Will I begin managing engineers immediately after graduation?

Maybe, and we definitely hope so! We believe that MSEM provides the right education and the right skills to take on the challenges of today’s complex business and to successfully position you as a leader in any business organization.