Engineering Management Master’s Program Degree Requirements

Resources for Degree Requirements

Notice for Students Starting From Summer/Fall 2018:

New curriculum is in place from Summer/Fall 2018. The major change is in the core requirements. In the past, students were required to complete 10 credit hours including 1-hr seminar, take 1 or 2 courses from Core A, and 1 or 2 courses from Core B. The following core requirements will replace this requirement for those who entered the program in Summer 2018 or after:

New Core Requirements (10 hrs)

EMGT 6980: Seminar (1-hr)

EMGT 5201: Fundamentals of Deterministic System Analysis (3-hrs)

EMGT 5202: Fundamentals of Stochastic System Analysis (3-rhs)

EMGT 5203: Fundamentals of Engineering Management (3-hrs)

In the first semester, it is recommended to enroll in EMGT 6980 (seminar), EMGT 5201, and one of EMGT 5202 and 5203. If you plan to take EMGT 5202 and/or 5203, make sure you are registered for EMGT 5201 as well because 5201 serves as a co-requisite of those two courses. If you have an issue in registering for these courses, please submit a request for a permit from here..